A man and his boat

David Henneberry, the Watertown resident who found Dzhokar Tsarnaev hiding in his boat Friday evening, effectively ending a horrific chapter in Boston’s history, may not have been thinking any of the following. However I find his story fascinating and can’t stop imagining what must have been going through his mind as the sun set on Watertown. The […]

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At about 6:50 this morning I was awoken by the sound of marching drums, echoing from the wooded distance behind my backyard. It was the Minutemen, marching from the western farmlands to congregate in Concord in advance of facing their enemy head-on. Every year on Patriots’ Day, faithful imitators from around New England don the […]

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Street View 2.0

I’m not really sure we needed another way to experience the world through a screen, but I’ll take it. This is Hyperlapse, the current Teehan+Lax Labs experiment and future seven-figure acquisition by Google. The algorithm stitches together a series of consecutive Street View screen shots to create the sensation of motion. And not just any motion. We’re […]

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