Street View 2.0

I’m not really sure we needed another way to experience the world through a screen, but I’ll take it. This is Hyperlapse, the current Teehan+Lax Labs experiment and future seven-figure acquisition by Google. The algorithm stitches together a series of consecutive Street View screen shots to create the sensation of motion. And not just any motion. We’re talking hitting a turbo boost while riding an invincible star-type motion. (This should have been the music for the clip.) If you ever wondered what it would be like to bolt across Death Valley, nestled carefree in the passenger seat of a rocket while watching the clouds clamor overhead, now’s your chance. Seriously, go to 0:20.

It may be the discrepancies your mind notices when viewing a series of images as opposed to a well-edited video clip, (I realize that videos are also a series of images, but go along with me here) but there is a surreal quality to viewing the world in Hyperlapse. It’s like a landscape painted of the uncanny valley. It’s not quite real, and you can’t put your finger on why, but it keeps you looking. The clouds at 1:20 are more three-dimensional than any I’ve seen on camera.

Make no mistake about it- Google will buy this technology and revolutionize how you explore the globe once again. Upload map destinations into your Google Glass, and speed across the sands of the Sahara or traverse the Great Wall of China in between commercials of Modern Family. Street View 2.0.

You can create your own Hyperlapse at their website.


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