The Most Internet Story on the Internet Today

Cool Runnings 2

Read the full report at Slate: “On Saturday, Winston Watts, driver of the Jamaican sled told the Associated Press that they needed some $80,000 to make it to the Olympics. ‘Right now,” Watts said, ‘we’re at zero.’

Instead of turning to John Candy for help, the team turned to the Internet. As one does these days, they hit all the crowdfunding hotspots looking for help. A combination of funding on CrowdtiltIndiegogo, and startup cryptocurrency Dogecoin, netted the team a cool $200,000 in just days.”

Here we have a story that is a perfectly baked masterpiece of modern Internet-dom. The recipe is very straightforward: Start with a base of crowdfunding through a startup named after a brand new compound word (Crowdtilt), add in a heavy portion of 90’s nostalgia (the Jamaican bobsled team, made famous by Cool Runnings), and marinate in digital currency spiced with doge (The Atlantic explains that “$30,000 of the crowdfunding dollars came from Dogecoin, an online “cryptocurrency”—the same concept as Bitcoin—that’s based on the popular doge meme.”). As a garnish, you can follow the team’s adventures at #JamaicanBobsled.

The only thing that could have made this story more Internet is an Upworthy video about one of the bobsledders–you won’t BELIEVE what he went through during tryouts. It will leave you breathless.


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