Why Does Uber Suck Now?

You had two choices: wait on hold for an interminable amount of time just to wait another 30 minutes (even though they said 10) for a cab to arrive at your place, or brave the elements and play thumb roulette, also with no knowledge of how long it would take to actually flag one down. […]

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Why “Smart Parking Spots” Are Stupid, And Five Things That Should Be Smarter

While they were a little slow on the whole “democracy” thing, those British blokes across the pond are getting their smart on in at least one area of public life: parking. According to Quartz, “this week, the City of Westminster, one of London’s local councils, will start embedding the first 0f 3,000 sensors into the […]

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A man and his boat

David Henneberry, the Watertown resident who found Dzhokar Tsarnaev hiding in his boat Friday evening, effectively ending a horrific chapter in Boston’s history, may not have been thinking any of the following. However I find his story fascinating and can’t stop imagining what must have been going through his mind as the sun set on Watertown. The […]

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At about 6:50 this morning I was awoken by the sound of marching drums, echoing from the wooded distance behind my backyard. It was the Minutemen, marching from the western farmlands to congregate in Concord in advance of facing their enemy head-on. Every year on Patriots’ Day, faithful imitators from around New England don the […]

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